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As a digital arts teacher with more than a decade of experience in education and ministry. Exploring artistry, stories, and helping others in their journey has been one of my life's passion. And this site is a space to "Build, Learn, and Share," what I love. 


God, Art, Education, and Technology.

I'm fascinated by how each one is working with another in our world, todayAnd to the greatest extent possible, I believe in searching the matter out.   

The site features nonlinear stories.

These stories exist in fragments.

And these fragments are expressed through traditional storytelling and various visual storytelling mediums.

Almost every piece of art showcased reflects an original story or "stage production" whose unique set pieces, objects, and actors you're welcome to observe "under construction," and in relationship to each other. Each production is a world where there are abundant incentives for "careful observers" and thoughtful critics. 

However, if you're more interested in creative processes or instruction, visit the education page or my vlog, to see what I'm doing and what I'm learning along the way. My content is just my best understanding of a thing, at the time."

So, bear with me, because I try to update both as fast as I can!


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